Deepen your understanding of specific areas of the yoga practice through one of my workshops. These 2-hour or 3-hour sessions allow us more time to explore, play, discuss, and absorb. 


Chakra Anatomy, Saturday, July 6th

The Power Yoga Company, London 13:30-15:30
Travel beyond the physical and tap into the energetic fields (chakras) in your Yoga Practice. In this workshop you will be introduced to the seven (primary) chakras, guiding you through visualisation, asana, pranayama, and mantras.
Chakras can be understood in its most subtle levels as energy centres, but it can also be experienced in a transformational way giving you tools for a life that is grounded, connected and filled with joy. When Prana (life force/breath) is not flowing properly to these areas of our being, aches, pains, illnesses and emotional stress can come about. We’ll explore each chakra and how certain yoga postures and sounds can assist in the movement of prana into these centres, facilitating wellness and balance in our bodies and day-to-day lives.
This workshop is both asana and (very) light lecture based (feel free to bring a notebook and pen). Open to all levels, with some previous asana experience recommended. Curiosity and an open mind are required

Find Your Centre, Yin & Yang Workshop; Saturday, September 14th

The Power Yoga Company, London 13:30-15:30
According to Eastern wisdom, everything is made of a balance of opposites - yin and yang, masculine and feminine, sun and moon, etc. However, in the west, especially in our beautiful and forever bustling London, there is a seemingly strong tendency to dance all too frequently on the very extreme edge of yang. With everything always moving so fast, there is a susceptibility to equate our sense of worth to our levels of productivity. This false belief can often leave us feeling disconnected from our centre, and depleted physical and energetically. 
Join Mona for a two-hour workshop where we work to find the softness within the yang and the focus and discipline within the yin, in order to live daily more closely to ‘yoga’ - the middle path. Mona will first lead us through a strong 60-min flow, bringing emphasis to finding the ‘current of calm’ within, despite the heated sequence. This will be followed by an hour meditative and slow paced practice, with long 3-5 minute hold, designed to release tension deep in the muscles and connective tissue. In this portion there will be a strong emphasis to keeping the connection within to the ‘yang’ - by means of unwavering focus on the breath and personal mantra. 
In both portions student will be encouraged to practice the art of objectively observing the fluctuations of the mind from the standpoint of the uninvolved witness. 

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