Retreat with Mona Lisa Godfrey in fall 2019

Retreats are a wonderful way to deepen into your practice, get away from the routine of your day to day life, and explore new areas and  new cultures or landmarks. I find that in my retreats, without fail, people make great new life long  friends. There is a beautiful aligning that happens and it  feels like the right people are drawn together by the power and magic of yoga, at the right time. if you have questions about these upcoming retreats or want to inquire about a payment plan, please contact me via the contact page. 


Unplug in Tuscany, Italy 

May 8th-may 12th. starting at £635, led by Mona Lisa Godfrey and  Sunny Side Up. 

Deep in the Tuscan countryside, join Mona Lisa Godfrey for 4 yoga & meditation focused days. It will be a perfect opportunity to deepen your self-study and disconnect from the distractions and stresses of daily life. We have had the vision of creating an inclusive retreat experience + simplifying the itinerary to give students an abundance of time and space to genuinely detox from the constant stimulation of day to day life. The retreat days will consists of yoga, meditation, an ‘Intro to Yoga Nidra Workshop’, delicious vegetarian food, and time for yourself to read, relax, write, sit, swim, take walks, and converse and bond with your fellow yogis.

Please note:

  1. On the third day we will observe silence and the invitation is for everyone to participate.

  2. Wine will only be served during the last celebratory dinner. We do not discourage for attendees to explore the surrounding areas or the wine of the region on their own time.

  3. Morning classes will be dynamic and strong, evening classes will be slower and more restorative with heavy emphasis on meditation. All levels welcome to attend and modify to suit their bodies needs.



Details coming soon, save September.

I am excited to announce that I am planning my first retreat in Portugal. The details will become available soon and I will post on all my social media outlets when I have opened it up for reservations.