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Wanderlust, the worldwide wellness festival hosts, have created a one-day mindful event to be held in Battersea Park on 27 July. Designed to feed the soul, this event offers a day of focused wellness for the mind, body and soul.

Starting off the day with sunrise meditation, prepare to dance, meet new people and embrace the day ahead of you with positivity. After a group warm-up session, participate in a “5k your way” led by Twice The Health, where you can run, walk or dance your way through a beautiful nature-focused course.
Keeping the energy up, the day flows into a DJ-powered group yoga class led by Katarina Rayburn and Mona Lisa Godfrey. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, enjoy a soul-reviving 30-minute group meditation session with Naomi Absalom and Light Watkins to decompress and recenter your focus.

After the day’s community-based events, check out some more meditative events or drop by Balance’s Speakeasy, where festival-goers can attend panels and expert-led discussions. Touching on the hot-button issue of CBD, BALANCE’s Speakeasy will host a media panel of experts, including BALANCE’s Editor Sophie Scott, to discuss and debate the health benefits of CBD.

Later in the day, author and meditation guide Michael James Wong will discuss how to best create and support community. Wong will share his tried-and-tested methods for empowering, inspiring and creating a mindful space that brings people together.
Yoga specialist and body positive advocate Donna Noble will also speak about how people of all body types and abilities can practice yoga, and how yoga can lead to cultivating both self-love and self-confidence.

Pulling from her years of experience as a yoga therapist, Heather Mason will speak on the interaction between yoga and anxiety, and how to approach the two with a neurological and psychological perspective.
Founder of mental wellbeing community Mind: Unlocked, Niraj Shah, will also speak about how he fixed his relationship with technology, and how he made technology work for him.

Either during the day or after the Speakeasy, be sure to stop by the Kula Market throughout the day, where over 60 local vendors will be offering food, clothing, jewellery, artisan and new wellness products.
To close out the day, Richie Bostock and HarmOnyx (Tom Middleton and Tracie Storey) will debut Soulsonyx, a transformative sensory experience using psychoacoustic soundscapes that you won’t want to miss.

Tickets for the event are going fast, so don’t hesitate to book yours here today. Article by Balance Magazine. For more information and to book your ticket, click here. Use my special code: WLGBMLG to upgrade your ticket.